Welcome to Johnson Control Training Center

Throughout the years, the Johnson Controls Training Centers have helped HVAC professionals achieve success through development and resources in order to provide a high quality learning experience for better operation and maintenance of their systems and facilities.

Our training centers offer comprehensive training programs for the knowledge and skills necessary to operate effectively and efficiently different applications and products of HVAC and controls of Johnson Controls.

With dedicated laboratories and trained and experienced instructors to provide a hands-on learning experience.

Our specialized courses can help you become an expert, taking into account the latest trends and updates in HVAC equipment and automation systems through practical and highly relevant content. In addition, the courses provide practical content in controls, mechanical systems, building automation systems, maintenance, problem solving, engineering and programming.

Our programs are designed for anyone who needs a theoretical-practical knowledge in HVAC and automation systems, such as:

  • Building operators
  • Project managers
  • Engineers and consultants
  • HVAC Maintenance Technicians

For more information about our training courses in HVAC and building automation systems, please click on the page Cursos.


In addition to a high-value learning experience, participants have the following benefits.

  • Training centers with dedicated laboratories that provide a real practical learning experience through simulations "in the field".
  • Theoretical-practical didactic material, with highly relevant contents that are easy to consult.
  • Technical support post course: attendees have our Technical Support area to solve installation problems and failures in the field.