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Our Objective

At the Johnson Controls Latin America Training Center, we are committed to providing learning opportunities to industry professionals seeking to advance their knowledge and expertise on our products and solutions.

Our goal is to help HVAC/BAS professionals enhance their abilities and skills through hands-on, face-to-face trainings to take full advantage of our technology and solutions. The quality of service provided by a certified service professional is a true differentiator when it comes to installing, operating or performing maintenance services for factory equipment and facilities, at large.

Developed by highly skilled professional instructors experienced in the all types of building environments, our curriculum offers best-in-class laboratories to ensure the highest quality, productive learning environments that will add more value to any industry career. Invest in your career by attending one of our courses today!


  • Real Installed and Operative Team for Practical Training.
  • Real Demonstration Team: the same "feeling" of the field.
  • Dedicated documentation material
    • Easy navigation during training and future consultations.
    • Digital copy with your notes during the training.
    • Practice in the laboratory (help in "real life")
  • After the training survey: we listen to you to improve even more

Location and Office Hours

Av. Independência, 2757
City: Sorocaba
State: São Paulo
Zip Code (CEP): 18087-101
Country: Brasil

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Visa Information

Brazil requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport and visa when traveling to Brazil for any purpose. Please, consult the Local Group for more information.


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