1810S - YORK Packaged Rooftop Units - Configuration and Commissioning

  • Name: 1810S - YORK Packaged Rooftop Units - Configuration and Commissioning
  • Product Line: Direct Expansion
  • Duration: 2 Days 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Maximum Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Audience: HVAC Distributor, Dealer, HVAC Contractor, End Customer


This training focuses on control of the Simplicity SE card and how it applies to the products in which it has recently been introduced.

This course is a requirement for those previously certified as Startup, Unitary Product Commissioning technicians. It is also for those who wish to gain in-depth knowledge about the capabilities of the SSE control, including configuration and commissioning through the MAP interface.

Below the topics of the Course are listed.

Introduction UPG systems
Product Features
Operation of the Simplicity Smart control card
Configurations for the commissioning of equipment with SSE control card through the menu of the card or the MAP interface

The cost of the course may vary by Training Center selected.

  • Cost per Person: $300 (USD)

Prerequisite: None

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  3. Afterwards, enter the participants' information to take the course.
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