80030 - YORK® VRF Systems Installation

  • Name: 80030 - YORK® VRF Systems Installation
  • Product Line: Direct Expansion
  • Duration: 1 Session 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Maximum Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Audience: HVAC Distributor, Dealer, HVAC Contractor, End Customer


The Variable Flow Refrigerant systems (VRF) York provides a wide range of options to ensure occupant comfort and minimize operating costs in buildings with varying loads and occupancy rates. VRF York technology provides exceptional energy efficiency and flexibility with modular systems that can be customized to meet the exact needs of each project and application.

The objective of the training is to acquire knowledge about the proper procedures and techniques for installing VRF systems.

Below the topics of the Course are listed.

Obtain an understanding in the use and operation of the different options of tools and resources available to perform the installations and processes efficiently guaranteeing the reliability in those processes.
Clearly assimilate the capacities of the different pipe configurations according to the type and profile of the system in relation to the best practices for field applications.
This course provides knowledge in installation tools and techniques as well as their service within the VRF YORK application.

The cost of the course may vary by Training Center selected.

  • Cost per Person: $100 (USD)

Prerequisite: None

The following is a list of the necessary requirements to register for the course.

  1. Go to the Courses page and register for the next course available date.
  2. Have at hand the fiscal data of the company and the contact data.
  3. Afterwards, enter the participants' information to take the course.
  4. Finally, enter your payment with the details of your credit or debit card.